Frequently Asked Questions

How long after applying Boydur M12 can we open our area to traffic?

Boydur M12 is a methyl methacrylate (MMA) based product. For this reason, you can open the area to traffic after an average of 60 minutes after application. This time may be a few minutes less or more depending on the air temperature.

Can Boydur M12 be used outdoors?

Yes. All Methyl methacrylate (MMA) based chemicals are 100% resistant to UV rays and atmospheric conditions. It can be used outdoors in any color. Does not yellow. No deformation.

How robust is the Boydur M12?

One hour after we are applied, we pass a passenger plane over it. In addition, we can easily say that it is unrivaled in terms of chemical resistance.

If it fails or is applied incorrectly, do we have to disassemble it and redo it?

No! Boydur M12 can be repaired without disassembling a malfunction. Level differences and deformations can be sanded.

In which colors is Boydur M12 produced?

Please review our color catalogue. It can be produced in any color in accordance with RAL standards. The colors we use in our color catalog are industrial RAL colors. These pigments are much more durable on the ground than other pigments.

Put an end to your flooring problems with Boydur M12, and get in touch with us right away to learn more!


Revolutionize your flooring solutions with Boydur® M12. This advanced MMA mortar offers quick and durable solutions, ready in just an hour.

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